The Pacific Youth Summit The Values of Integrity for the Achievement of Sustainable Development

Frank Short 22-Nov-2021

A positive move that I very much hope will lead to much more coordinated youth activities and action towards sustainable development aims in the Solom

How are rural communities in the Solomon Islands progressing in building resistance to climate change?

Frank Short 22-Nov-2021

I believe it is time for us to know just how serious the situation is at home (in the SI) and what is being done to meet the growing climate change th

Australia’s Direct Aid Program supports 12 more communities in the SI

Frank Short 19-Nov-2021

The 12 projects in this round will support communities across Solomon Islands, including in Isabel, Western, Choiseul, Malaita, and Central Provinces

Pandemic presents big challenges in NZ for Pacific seasonal workers, but why not engage Solomon Islanders?

Frank Short 19-Nov-2021

Radio New Zealand carried a report this morning which, to me, begs the question why not recruit Solomon Islanders?

Winrock prepares to develop and implement sustainable models for improved natural resource governance in Malaita Province and throughout Solomon Islands.

Frank Short 19-Nov-2021

Subsequent proposed project activities in those catchment areas will involve assessment of degraded forest areas, reforestation of those areas and oth

Fiji easesCovid-19 restrictions further

Frank Short 18-Nov-2021

These include the current curfew hours of 11 pm-4 am which are expected to be slightly eased to start at midnight.

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