The TRC report and my response to it

Frank Short 08-Aug-2023

This week the Solomon Islands Parliament began discussing the Truth and Reconciliation Report which took place after the so named "Ethnic Tension

WHO and UNDP US$17.85 million Global Environment Facility Funded Project supporting Climate resilient Heath systems

Frank Short 07-Aug-2023

The WHO and UNDP have launched a US$17.85 million Global Environment Facility-funded project supporting climate resilient health systems in Kiribati,

Indirect sponsorship of the NRH from ticket sales at the Pacific Games 2023

Frank Short 05-Aug-2023

The Solomon Islands will soon be the proud hosts of the Pacific Games and I have read many organizations, business firms and local industry has alread

A mother with five children needs help

Frank Short 04-Aug-2023

s about what had occurred to Mrs Sillia Geu from Kunu near Auki in Malaita.

Quoting the newspaper piece, Wil

There are better ways to win hearts and minds

Frank Short 02-Aug-2023

It is claimed that a July 2022 draft funding proposal from the Solomon Star to China's embassy in Honiara in which the paper requested

Visit to Honiara by Lydia Cook, from the Diocese of Exeter, UK

Frank Short 19-Jul-2023

Lydia Cook, from the Diocese of Exeter, made her first visit to Solomon in May, as part of MMUK’s Placement Programme. Here Lydia reflects

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