It is often said there are two sides to every story

Frank Short 22-Aug-2023

The handing ceremony was held at the national sports stadium at the King George Sixth Westend Sports Park.

Preparing for a Digital Future in relation to education, skills and employment in the Solomon Islands.

Frank Short 21-Aug-2023

As the world changes, so does the need for certain jobs. A look through history shows the evolution of the workforce, from manual labour to factory wo

Ill-considered military intervention by the RSIPF after mid1999 using guns during the so called 'Ethnic Tension

Frank Short 20-Aug-2023

ker a peace settlement to the uprising in the Solomon Islands that first began in late 1998, and the government had offered to make a SBD$2.5 million

NRH reported to without essential medical consumable supplies

Frank Short 12-Aug-2023

A report published in the Solomon Star yesterday by long-time journalist and writer, Alfred Sasko, gave some disturbing news relating to the operation

A plea for sick children at the NRH reportedly suffering from heart conditions to be medically evacuated to Fiji for specialist treatment.

Frank Short 11-Aug-2023

I am concerned about the number of sick children at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara reliably reported to be suffering from a variety o

Policing a Clash of Cultures." a book telling the true story of events in the SI from late "98 to mid. '99

Frank Short 10-Aug-2023

The debate this week in the National Parliament when the finkdings of the SI Truth and Reconciliation Commission was debated has opened up many old wo

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