China eyeing land in the South Pacific creates 'considerable unease' in Australia, professor says

Frank Short 27-Aug-2022

Blaxland said he fears that China has effectively co-opted the Solomon Islands' government.

A free press but journalist must act responsibly

Frank Short 27-Aug-2022

The press, however, must be responsible. False reporting is counterproductive to a free press.

Signs to be aware of if you have prostate cancer, say physicians

Frank Short 26-Aug-2022

Control your weight. Being obese increases the risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

A case of walking the same path but importantly what, if anything, has changed for the better at Koa Hill in the past 24 years?

Frank Short 26-Aug-2022

The article appeared in the Solomon Star newspaper today, Friday, 26 August 2022.

Education about health prevention: Regular exercise linked to fewer cancer cases

Frank Short 26-Aug-2022

Quoting the article which promoted my letter today.


Frank Short 25-Aug-2022

Mr Kuma said this work complements the significant improvement being provided with JICA assistance.

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