Treatment for Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD)

Frank Short 10-Oct-2022

 I will end this note of concern with notes from Stanford Hospital in the USA that specialises in RF and RHD.

Rheumatoid arthritis research finds key protein that could be targeted in future treatment

Frank Short 10-Oct-2022

Now they hope their discovery might help treatments of a condition that afflicts 1.5 million Americans.

Dedicated screening important to early breast cancer detection

Quoting Radio New Zealand 09-Oct-2022

Women with a family history of cancer should begin sooner, he said.

Diabetes drug which helps obese people lose weight approved

Frank Short 08-Oct-2022

Those given a placebo in the trial lost just three per cent.

Shoppers buying shoes from a shoe company help pay for free mammograms

Frank Short 08-Oct-2022

HeartStrings Sisters provides free screening mammograms to uninsured, low-income and underinsured women.

How healthy eating can lead to managing diabetes and less medication

Frank Short 07-Oct-2022

A traditional diet with fish and a variety of vegetables is best, cutting out imported food stuffs containing too much fat.

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