Dedicated screening important to early breast cancer detection

Quoting Radio New Zealand 09-Oct-2022

Women with a family history of cancer should begin sooner, he said.

Diabetes drug which helps obese people lose weight approved

Frank Short 08-Oct-2022

Those given a placebo in the trial lost just three per cent.

Shoppers buying shoes from a shoe company help pay for free mammograms

Frank Short 08-Oct-2022

HeartStrings Sisters provides free screening mammograms to uninsured, low-income and underinsured women.

How healthy eating can lead to managing diabetes and less medication

Frank Short 07-Oct-2022

A traditional diet with fish and a variety of vegetables is best, cutting out imported food stuffs containing too much fat.

The grim reality of NCDs in the Solomon Islands today – October 2022

Frank Short 07-Oct-2022

Solomon Islands has one of the highest rates of non-communicable diseases (NCD) in the Pacific region.

The value of education and the impact on work, income and the economy

Frank Short 06-Oct-2022

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is likely to face an increasingly challenging future because of its ongoing high levels of youth employment.

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