US Senator Blackburn Pays Courtesy Visit to PM Sogavare

Frank Short 24-Aug-2022

A delegation from the United States Government led by Senator Marsha Blackburn made a courtesy visit to Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in

Health Stocking up on Medical Supplies

Frank Short 23-Aug-2022

Meanwhile, it has been reported by the MHMS that critical drug supplies for chronic illnesses such as asthma have arrived.

New Kwaiafa Bridge in East Malaita Opens

Frank Short 23-Aug-2022

Government through MID funded the construction of the new bridge with construction work done by the Aluta Bros & Sons Company.

SI -1,667 International Arrivals in Second Quarter of 2022

Frank Short 23-Aug-2022

The latest International Arrivals bulletin was released on Friday 18th August 2022.

Australia looks to Pacific to fill Age Care Vacancies

Frank Short 22-Aug-2022

"In the short term, it's going to play a huge role and I think it's the only way the sector is going to cope," she said.

Extra exercise could extend your lifespan and protect you from early death, study

Frank Short 22-Aug-2022

Current guidelines recommend 75 to 300 minutes of weekly exercise for health benefits. 

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