The grim reality of NCDs in the Solomon Islands today – October 2022

Frank Short 07-Oct-2022

Solomon Islands has one of the highest rates of non-communicable diseases (NCD) in the Pacific region.

The value of education and the impact on work, income and the economy

Frank Short 06-Oct-2022

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is likely to face an increasingly challenging future because of its ongoing high levels of youth employment.

Solomon Islands leader rules out China base in his country

Frank Short 06-Oct-2022

In the five years of ethic and civil unrest before RAMSI arrived, the Solomons was close to becoming a failed state.

Solomon Islands and Singapore express the need for international solidarity to address common challenges

Frank Short 05-Oct-2022

If we stick to these principles, the development of our countries will be rapid and steady,” both leaders agreed.

Solomon Islands leader to travel to Australia on fence-mending visit

Frank Short 05-Oct-2022

Both leaders last met in July at the Pacific Islands Forum in Fiji.

Does the SI’s National Referral Hospital (NRH) have a comprehensive stroke centre?

Frank Short 04-Oct-2022

My concerns have prompted this letter asking if the NRH has a comprehensive stroke centre?

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