Israel could possibly be requested to assist the Solomon Islands with practical medical assistance in addition to an offer of just agricultural training

Frank Short 17-Sep-2022

 Currently, there are no Solomon Islanders enrolled under this AICAT program. 

How To Stay Healthy and Avoid The Hospital: Important advice for the SI

Frank Short 17-Sep-2022

Dr. Mitchell reminds us, "Skipping preventative screening exams can have serious consequences.

Persons with disability launches EU-funded project

Frank Short 16-Sep-2022

Mcneil said in terms of Universal rights it means the services regardless of the status of the person.

King Charles III Officially Declared Head of State of Solomon Islands

Frank Short 13-Sep-2022

With that Declaration, His Majesty King Charles III is officially the Head of State for Solomon Islands

At least seven dead as PNG rural areas suffer most from earthquake

Frank Short 13-Sep-2022

Medical evacuations have taken place from Kabwum, and landslides were identified in Bulolo, Wau and Boana.

At least four killed in PNG quake

Frank Short 12-Sep-2022

The full extent of the damage was not immediately clear as the location of the earthquake was remote.

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