Pacific Migrant Workers and the Social Costs of Family Separation

Frank Short 17-Aug-2022

Read the full report Rapid analysis of family separation issues and responses in the PALM scheme – final report by Matt Withers.

Malaitans assured of $78m EU assistance

Frank Short 17-Aug-2022

He added, that the issue of capacity building and maintenance has been an ongoing activity that benefits provincial workers and legislators.

Government Allocates SBD$125M to Assist Businesses Affected by November Riots

Frank Short 16-Aug-2022

Minister of Finance and Treasury Hon Harry Kuma made the formal announcement in Parliament on 8 August 2022.

Māori leaders calls for NZ health system to put people at centre of care

Frank Short 16-Aug-2022

She said people needed to be put at the centre of health care in New Zealand.

APTC Opens New Training Rooms

Frank Short 15-Aug-2022

APTC is Australia’s flagship investment in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the Pacific region. 

SI health system in 2022

Frank Short 14-Aug-2022

Solomon Islands is served by a well-trained nursing workforce that provides the backbone of service delivery in rural areas.

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