Sea rise reportedly a threat to the NRH and the proposed PRC medical centre

Frank Short 02-Sep-2022

If what I was informed is a true situation, then the importance of a new NRH takes on a much greater level of importance and one that must get the gov

Road infrastructure development in East Malaita

Frank Short 02-Sep-2022

Baunakunu and Fauia feeder roads are new roads and construction work is still progressing now.

Reimagining Pacific tourism

Frank Short 02-Sep-2022

She received funding featured in this article from the Royal Society Te Apārangi - James Cook Fellowship and Marsden Fast Start grant.

CDF policy being reformed

Frank Short 02-Sep-2022

He said the policy will try to narrow down the focus of CDF because as it is now, “the scope is too wide”.

A further appeal to help fund the medical treatment said to be needed by a 3 year old boy suffering from leukemia

Frank Short 02-Sep-2022

My understanding is the little boy is suffering considerably from his life-threatening condition and it must be agonising for his devoted parents to s

High cholesterol: Dry skin in this area could be a sign of high levels

Frank Short 01-Sep-2022

It states: "Plaque is a waxy material made up of cholesterol and other things.

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