Will the Chinese offer of a cardiac theatre for the NRH lead to aiding RHD sufferer’s patients of the hospital?

Frank Short 27-Apr-2022

I much welcome the news today that the Government of China (PRC) is to build a cardiac theatre at the National Referral Hospital

Second wave of Covid-19 being taken too lightly, says the Secretary to the PM

Frank Short 26-Apr-2022

He added in terms of vaccination the rate it is increasing and that is good news.


Frank Short 26-Apr-2022

He added that the COVID-19 pandemic in Solomon Islands have highlighted the need to improve water and food security in the country.

Solomon Islands has recorded 1,226 new Covid-19 cases in the past 72 hours

Frank Short 25-Apr-2022

“Total in Honiara is 6,662 with 1105 cases added in current 2nd wave since April 13”.

How is the Solomon Islands poised for the re-opening of air borders in July for the return of tourism?

Frank Short 25-Apr-2022

The organisation, which has 20 government members, is the mandated representative for tourism in the Pacific.

The US reportedly re-establishing its Embassy in Honiara and promising to aid the SI with medical aid and with unexploded ordnance

Frank Short 24-Apr-2022

“So, yeah, that was, I think, a mistake for the United States over a long time.”

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