Solomon Islands and Singapore express the need for international solidarity to address common challenges

Frank Short 05-Oct-2022

If we stick to these principles, the development of our countries will be rapid and steady,” both leaders agreed.

Solomon Islands leader to travel to Australia on fence-mending visit

Frank Short 05-Oct-2022

Both leaders last met in July at the Pacific Islands Forum in Fiji.

Does the SI’s National Referral Hospital (NRH) have a comprehensive stroke centre?

Frank Short 04-Oct-2022

My concerns have prompted this letter asking if the NRH has a comprehensive stroke centre?

Solomon Islands: The national burden of ear disease and suggested help for the deaf community.

Frank Short 03-Oct-2022

A request to the MHMS followed, asking for the type and numbers of hearing devices needed.

Alcohol consumption a major contributor to serious health issues in the Solomon Islands.

Frank Short 02-Oct-2022

Excessive alcohol most often the result of binge drinking brings about the following:

Community Policing affected by a shortage of funds to see the creation of Crime Prevention Committees and restricted crime prevention programmes

Frank Short 02-Oct-2022

If validly made, byelaws have the force of law within the areas to which they apply. 

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