Australia – “Data reveals burden on homelessness services” - and adds to the plight of many of its citizens

Frank Short 02-Feb-2023

Drivers for homelessness are complex, Fotheringham said and include things like underemployment, low rental vacancies and high rents.

Australian - Rent assistance reform needed as government stats reveal depth of crisis

Frank Short 02-Feb-2023

The horrific figures in the report shed new light on the housing crisis engulfing Australia, and have reignited calls from the sector to reform CRA.

Caring is Sharing: Show your compassion for others during challenging times

Frank Short 28-Jan-2023

Let us, as a society, care about others more than it seems we do, about ethics, about justice and love of the community.

Appeal for a 13 year old child reported to have brain cancer. Go Fund Me Appeal launched

Frank Short 26-Jan-2023

She resides with her parent at Kaibia in Honiara.

Will it ultimately be possible for the Solomon Islands to follow Singapore’s example in getting people with disabilities into the work force?

Frank Short 18-Jan-2023

I pose the question as set out below to the Solomon Islands Government.

JICA and Health Minister Progress Kilu’ufi Hospital Project

Frank Short 16-Jan-2023

Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Permanent Secretary Mrs. Pauline McNeil at the signing thanked the Japanese Government through JICA for the p

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