Prediabetes linked to higher heart attack risk in young adults and the importance of screening in the SI

Frank Short 16-May-2022

I share the following news from Associated Press with the MHMS/NRH in the SI in view of the high degree of diabetes affecting young and hold in t

What happen to the CITREC programme for Malaita?

Frank Short 16-May-2022

A local resident prompted the following to story to be published in the Island land Sun newspaper, and I quote the article in full.

Solomon Islands key health facilities on Malaita, Western and Choiseul provinces have been supported and equipped to respond to subsequent waves of COVID-19

Frank Short 16-May-2022

This was made possible through the UK Government’s deployment of its Emergency Medical Team (EMT) who were in the country over the last nine wee

Guadalcanal, Isabel farmers’ first shipment of premium cocoa to the United Kingdom

Frank Short 15-May-2022

A milestone achievement for 50 farmer groups and consolidators across Guadalcanal and Isabel provinces as they sent a first shipment of premium cocoa

Balancing the “hard stuff” in our daily news

Frank Short 14-May-2022

Chinese brothers use hand cart to pull their sick mother from the hospital 22 miles to their home

Attention and creativity in solving developmental needs of constituents

Frank Short 14-May-2022

I hope I haven’t offended anyone in contributing this piece, but my only desire is to see the kind of development and welfare assistance to the

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