Birthday of H.M. the Queen

Frank Short 21-Apr-2022

H.M Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne on 2 February 1952 and this year celebrates her Platinum Jubliee.


Frank Short 20-Apr-2022

Minister Kuma said the Government is conscious that the two shocks including covid-19 and the recent riots will severely impact the economy in 2022.

Work to commence soon to replace three old and and run down road bridges in Malaita Province

Frank Short 20-Apr-2022

Junior Geranium, a crew member of Half Kas Transport serving the East Road in Malaita said he is happy that the Bio bridges will be improved.

Five types of bacteria linked to aggressive prostate cancer – study

Frank Short 20-Apr-2022

The bacteria were common in urine and tissue samples from men with the condition, a new study found.

Mechanisms of cancer cell killing by sea cucumber-derived compounds

Frank Short 20-Apr-2022

 Sea cucumbers are one of many potential marine animals that contain valuable nutrients and medicinal properties

Try to focus on the present during times of uncertainty and let us be given factual news leading to hope, encouragement and trust in a better future

Frank Short 19-Apr-2022

 And now with the shocking invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and despite my senior years, I relive those earlier childhood fears.

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