Staying ahead and informed of research and advances in the medical services field

Frank Short 28-May-2022

Externally, data is being used to assess and direct resource allocations for specific issues within the health care industry

Needs assessments and help from social services in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 27-May-2022

In the UK, Australia and the USA, the welfare and needs of the disabled are assessed and help given by way of grants and financial support provided.

Fifth Legal Protected Area declared in Choiseul Province

Frank Short 27-May-2022

In an interview with SIBC, Vuri Clan Project Coordinator Mr. Myknee Sirikolo says the idea to conserve their forests started way back.

HHHH donates to San Isidro care centre

Frank Short 25-May-2022

Honiara Hash House Harriers spokesman Andrew Fraser said, “This was a great turnout for a great cause.


Frank Short 25-May-2022

All of these projects were carried out by competent local contractors.

Leading the COVID-19 fight in Vanuatu

Frank Short 25-May-2022

She moved to Port Vila in July 2008 after getting married in December 2007.

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