H.M. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 24-May-2022

About The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

An appeal for general and specific needs of persons with disabilities working in the SI public service

Frank Short 24-May-2022

I thank you all for taking time to consider the needs of PWD and I hope my appeal will bring the results I have outlined.

A new climate politics’: the 47th Australian parliament must be a contest of ideas for a hotter, low-carbon Australia

Frank Short 23-May-2022

Years of climate policy inaction has left plenty of low-hanging fruit ready for the next government to harvest.

NRH donated medical and caregiver beds

Frank Short 23-May-2022

This was all done for free with all costs for electricity, water bills, linens etc were provided by Mr. Fangs and the group.

First human patient injected with revolutionary cancer-killing virus

Frank Short 23-May-2022

Scientists just injected a human with a cancer-killing virus

Australia's incoming Prime Minister Anthony Albanese delivers victory speech

Frank Short 22-May-2022

"I want to bring Australians together, I want to seek our common purpose and promote unity and optimism not fear and division."

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