Solomon Islands Government announces initiatives

Frank Short 16-Dec-2021

Tourism Minister Bartholomew Parapolo confirmed this during the Sine Die motion in Parliament last week.

Communities receive fishing devices (FAD)

Frank Short 16-Dec-2021

 He said the FADs were deployed in the first week of this month and people are now catching fish and benefiting from them.

PM: Emphasises the importance of one nation and one people

Frank Short 16-Dec-2021

Our Nation Solomon Islands Stands Forevermore”, the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare strongly emphasised.

One nation, one people, one flag but also provisioned and dedicated to heath care and treatment for all as priorities

Frank Short 16-Dec-2021

It is a political piece, as said, and it will be for readers to see, contemplate and consider as valuable advice, or not.

A combination therapy cuts risk of heart attacks and strokes in half, research shows

Frank Short 16-Dec-2021

International experts and organizations welcomed the results as good news for people at risk of CVD.


Frank Short 15-Dec-2021

Australia has a reputation for a “fair go.” but to my way of thinking it was nothing but bureaucracy at its worst and no chance of a

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