CT scan machine brought into use at the National Referral Hospital (NRH)

Frank Short 18-May-2022

The CT scan and the building that houses the machine is wholly funded by the national government at a value of SBD $21 million.

School matters making the local news

Frank Short 17-May-2022

The Government should consider providing school fee subsidy for rural-based schools in light of the financial struggle and economic situation facing t

A claim the rate of cancer in people from 15 to 39 that has gone up almost 30% since the 1980s, sending a signal to the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 17-May-2022

The American Cancer Society has said in that age group, breast cancer is the most common cancer type for women, and testicular cancer in men.

A passion to save lives the journey of Samo Tagini

Frank Short 17-May-2022

He never regretted that decision to follow his mother’s advice.

Australia’s ongoing support for the Solomon Islands evidenced in a review of today’s local newspapers

Frank Short 16-May-2022

Contrary to the view of some pundits in Australia in the lead up to a General Election in that country the news locally is that Australia is continuin

Climate change, an existential threat to the Pacific nations

Frank Short 16-May-2022

Tuvalu fears that climate change, an existential threat to the Pacific nation, is being forgotten and it worries that fellow island nations could beco

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