A much clearer knowledge and understanding of the prevailing public health system in the Solomon Islands is necessary before the adaptation of a Chinese management system locally

Frank Short 14-Jan-2023

 There is also the outstanding issue of a much needed mammogram machine at the NRH’s Cancer Unit.

Basic but vital medical equipment needed at the Atoifi Hospital

Frank Short 11-Jan-2023

Yesterday in a letter to the local SI’s newspaper and also one posted on Linkedin, I wrote saying, quote.

Virtual training courses for people with disabilities

Frank Short 09-Jan-2023

Can it be said the same is being done in the Solomon Islands, or even being considered?

Is there hope the USA will strengthen aid and support health and education services in the Solomon Islands?

Frank Short 08-Jan-2023

I would like to share the piece Eileen wrote, which is recorded in full below.

Kwaso brewers in Malaita reportedly made huge earnings from sales at Christmas, but the illegal drink is a silent killer.

Frank Short 05-Jan-2023

The report said as most villagers could not afford to buy beer, they resorted to kwaso to get drunk.

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