The big challenge of unemployment in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 04-Jan-2023

“Growing unemployment must be urgently addressed, says Governor General

Screening Tests for Common Diseases

Frank Short 03-Jan-2023

A colonoscopy is recommended screening for colon cancer or colon polyps at age 50, earlier if you have a family history or other risk factors

Serving the people and country

Frank Short 02-Jan-2023

 I quote some brief facts from Wikipedia to help illustrate my admiration of how Lula brought hope and change to his people.

Will the Solomon Islands ‘Economy To Return To Growth In 2023?

Frank Short 01-Jan-2023

It would be good to get a reaction on the economic forecast for the country and maybe this brief letter could see that occur.

Project in Uganda: Mama Gloria“and the orphans

Frank Short 01-Jan-2023

The U.S. photographer met many of these kids and decided to return and make a difference.

Let our cultural heritage and deep roots in Christianity unite the country in 2023

Frank Short 31-Dec-2022

We seem to have lost sight of shared behaviours and beliefs that characterize the people of the nation

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