Crisis management evidenced in the Solomon Islands to essentially allow for the Pacific Games but a warning from the IMF on spending for the Games

Frank Short 27-Mar-2023

There were also 211 people with Covid-19 in hospital as of midnight Sunday, with seven cases in ICU.

Scammers and fraudsters are targeting Christians and those working to help good causes.

Frank Short 26-Mar-2023

Abi Thomas is an award-winning podcast and radio producer and host of ‘The Hopeful

A mammogram machine likely for the NRH's Cancer Unit.

Frank Short 19-Mar-2023

Breast screening using a mammogrram machine. Google images.

Improving SI's health services to meet the health needs of a growing population.

Frank Short 19-Mar-2023

To realize the benefits of quality health care, health services must be:

Preventing the incidences of NCDs in in the Solomon Islands must be urgently addressed

Frank Short 19-Mar-2023

Modifiable behaviours, such as tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and the harmful use of alcohol, all increase the risk of NCDs.

A levelling of health benefits and health services beneficial to all.

Frank Short 18-Mar-2023

I feel obliged to bring this information to the notice of the government as requested by those who have written to me.

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