An appeal for sponsorship of the SINU course fees for Rolinta, Jane Mabo.

Frank Short 22-Feb-2023

Nursing at SINU and she would very much wish to take the course and pass in honour of her late sister Linta and her parents.

Cancer and the increase of cancer cases a growing concern in the Solomon Islands.

Frank Short 16-Feb-2023

“We don’t have a ward so this means we only work 8 to 4 or maybe more, depending on the number of patients. 

No one is helping us in our fight against the PRC: - Views expressed in an article by a Sunday Guardian Journalist

Frank Short 12-Feb-2023

That resulted in MARA and Suidani becoming frontline targets for Sogavare’s DCGA government and the PRC.

50 SI nurses have signed up for overseas jobs and have left the country

Frank Short 09-Feb-2023

“50 or so nurses are leaving the country for overseas jobs,” Rogers said.

Australia – “Data reveals burden on homelessness services” - and adds to the plight of many of its citizens

Frank Short 02-Feb-2023

Drivers for homelessness are complex, Fotheringham said and include things like underemployment, low rental vacancies and high rents.

Australian - Rent assistance reform needed as government stats reveal depth of crisis

Frank Short 02-Feb-2023

The horrific figures in the report shed new light on the housing crisis engulfing Australia, and have reignited calls from the sector to reform CRA.

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