An article that really underscores the necessity of regular mammograms for women and should be part of preventative medical health screening

Frank Short 30-Oct-2022

Askew's 3D mammogram was performed at the Imaging Center in Braselton.

Reconciliation and its importance in nation building in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 29-Oct-2022

The new funding will also cover support for the 2023 Pacific Games.

Multi-cancer early detection tests could save lives

Frank Short 29-Oct-2022

Rebbeck cited "a lot of trial and error" right now around interpreting the tests and next steps of care following a positive result.

An appeal for sports (running shoes)

Frank Short 29-Oct-2022

I thank you in advance for your kind consideration of this appeal.

Overfishing, Conservation, Sustainability, and Farmed Fish

Frank Short 25-Oct-2022

There are 18.9 million fishermen in the world, with 90 percent of them falling under the same small-scale fisherman rubric discussed above. 

Fishing of Threatened Tuna in One of World’s Largest Fisheries Thrown in Doubt by Landmark Ruling

Frank Short 21-Oct-2022

McKendrick also said there is no evidence to show harvest control rules would be introduced to ensure bigeye tuna stocks would not fall below sustaina

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