“There is no smoke without fire.”

Frank Short 11-May-2022

What does one believe in such circumstances and what are we to think of both reports and where does the truth rest?

Potential measles outbreak and the importance of childhood immunization coverage

Frank Short 10-May-2022

Health Minister Dr Culwick Togamana voiced this when addressing the recent commemoration of the World Immunisation Day in Honiara.

Engineers Create an Enzyme That Breaks Down Plastic Waste in Hours, Not Decades

Frank Short 10-May-2022

We could even use the enzyme variant to clean up sites contaminated by plastic pollution, say the team that developed it.

MPGIS met Malaita govt on major community management project

Frank Short 10-May-2022

The Deputy Premier Glen Waneta and members of Malaita Provincial Assembly and heads of divisions were part of the meeting with MPGIS.

Constant use of the surname in writing in the Solomon Islands

Frank Short 10-May-2022

Am I simply too sensitive to the frequent use of only a surname in correspondence?

Turning seawater into drinking water with less power than a cell phone charger

Frank Short 09-May-2022

With the Solomon Islands need for reliable access to clean, safe drinking water, I share with readers a story about the early development of a portabl

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